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we are a small design firm specializing in reinventing mass produced products into a one of a kind objects that express our unique aesthic values.

  • True Luxury is almost but dead. The meaning of the word itself has morfed.
  • Luxury has a price. But it has nothing to do with money. It's the exact opposite. Its about care and the balance between raw power and finesse. It's unmistakable beauty. It's a simple moment of satisfaction, of achievement. It's when one builds for ones self. It's when one lives to enjoy life.


  • Many people who can afford higher priced goods are fooled by brands. These brands have over the past 100 years focused on destroying true luxury and fooling individuals, from the very poor to the ultra rich by mutating their understanding of luxury. as people loose the understanding of the differences in quality between materials or craftsmanship. Many do not understand the difference between perceived scarcity and real scarcity. Many do not know if a design is aesthetically correct or the true meaning of what it means to be unique, or what is this objects true functions.


  • Unfortunately we are born with a primal desire to display who we are by showing what we have. This ridiculous thoughtless behavior is used by these supposed high luxury brands to prevents us from truly understanding luxury, from enjoying what it is to live a luxurious life.


  • Any product that is mass produced, whether it's a series of 5 or 5,000,000 is no longer unique. It is no longer yours. You are only another consumer betrayed by this cycle. Most others pay for a mass produced product with branded logos ridiculously printed as patterns. These brands are not built on quality, but rather on people's foolish desire to show others that they are able to afford. To be part of what they think is an elite.


  • A single, one of a kind piece, that's only purpose is to exist as a single functioning object, who was painstakingly built. Who's designers and builders only focus is to arrive at perfection. Who do not care of what it will cost or how many times it must be modified until it is finally right. That is Luxury, that is the philosophy of ONE



  • You do not need to show it off. You don't follow a trend, you set it. True confidence. This is Real luxury and our goal at ONE.
  • We build because we love to build. We exchange our final product for money only to keep building. We do not sell things, we find caregivers to our work. Those who will respect them as well as take them to their limits.



  • Luxury is to have something that is truly rare, executed with impeccable craftsmanship, even in places were only the builders and designers only know. building on timeless design, and executing that design with the highest level of care and patience. It's about getting it right regardless of anything else. It does not matter to us how long it takes to build a ONE. Our vision is to arrive at the assembly of a perfection of functional art at a moment in time. You will be the only owner of this object. We never repeat a design though maintain a visual language that is uniquely ours. We strive to embody quality and beauty and share that quality with those that deserve it


  • A One Design is reinvented from its original concept,, It preserves those elements that made the original work great, and integrates our vision strives to make our creation into something unique. perfect.


  • Demetrio Rico



luxury is not having the most expensive mass produced product.


we only build one. no one else has one like it. it is the true meaning of luxury.














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